The Drone Consultant's Blueprint

Monetize Your Drone Knowledge.

Prepare Your Drone Consultancy for 2024

Welcome to the Drone Consultancy Blueprint — a comprehensive program crafted for drone enthusiasts keen on building a thriving consultancy venture. In this 4-week immersive experience, you'll master the intricacies of the drone consultancy landscape, sculpt your unique value proposition, and set the foundation for a successful consultancy business. Ready to dive into the booming drone sector? Let’s convert your aspirations into tangible success.


2 Ways We Can Help You:

Embarking on your drone consultancy journey or scaling up can be daunting. But you're not alone. We offer two distinct pathways, tailored to your needs, ensuring that your passion for drones translates into a successful consultancy business.

Video Course

Dive into our Drone Consultancy Blueprint Video Course, your comprehensive guide filled with templates, resources, and expert insights, ensuring a smooth sail into drone consultancy.

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1-on-1 Coaching with Eno

Benefit from tailored guidance with Eno. Whether you're a beginner or looking to upscale, Eno's vast expertise provides the one-on-one mentoring you need to navigate the drone consultancy landscape confidently.

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Michael's story isn't just about drones—it's about vision, strategy, and the immense value one can bring to clients with the right guidance. Whether you're a drone enthusiast or a budding entrepreneur in another field, Michael's transformation is sure to inspire.


The Drone Consultancy Program isn't just a course; it's a meticulously crafted roadmap to your new venture.

  • The Drone Consultancy Blueprint: A step-by-step roadmap to setting up your drone business.
  • The Drone Entrepreneur's Toolkit: A comprehensive library of drone consultancy resources and ready-to-use templates.
  • Custom Design Package & Ready-to-Use Digital Assets: A unique design package developed by our in-house graphic design team and professionally curated digital products.
  • Hands-On Marketing Support: A committed team devising and executing your first marketing campaign and ensuring a successful launch for your drone business.
  • Lifetime Access to Our Global Network: Join our worldwide community of drone entrepreneurs to share experiences, gain insights, and collaborate.

Whether you're a Drone Training Instructor, a Drone Service Provider, a Hobbyist with Advanced Knowledge, or a Drone Consultant, our program is designed for you.

We don't just offer a program; we provide a comprehensive, interactive experience with built-in support and a highly personalized approach. From a one-on-one onboarding call to weekly coaching calls and lessons with actionable steps, we are with you every step of the way.


Post Program Support

Our commitment to your success continues even after the program concludes. From an exclusive community membership to ongoing expert advice, we ensure you have all the support you need to flourish in your drone consultancy business.


Kevin Githingi

Kevin, a certified drone instructor from Kenya, made an incredible $8,500 in new revenue from one email strategy taught in our Drone Business Masterminds program.

Ime Umoh

Ime, a world renown creative and drone storyteller from  USA/Nigeria, has increased his drone business revenues by 70% in just 4 months with our guidance on his content strategy.

Laura Smith

Laura, a Drone Training Instructor from the UK, learned how to monetize her expertise online coaching women to get their license, generating over $6,000 a month from this new avenue.


Unleash Your Potential: A Detailed Walkthrough of Our Comprehensive 4-Week Program

Our meticulously designed program comprises of four exciting weeks. Each week, we focus on key aspects of building a drone consultancy business, from understanding the drone industry's core to marketing strategies and sales funnels. The program is enriched with real-world assignments, personalized feedback, and continuous support to ensure you get the most out of your learning journey.

  • Week 1: Laying the Foundation

    Define your business concept, understand your target audience, and develop a strong unique value proposition.


  • Week 2: Building Your Digital Empire

     Develop your service or product, design a sales and marketing funnel, and test your market. 


  • Week 3: Your Content Engine & Marketing Tactics

    Learn the basics of copywriting, create a comprehensive content and marketing plan, and develop a digital asset.  


  • Week 4: Your First Sale & Scaling Your Business

    Launch your services, handle customer inquiries, close deals, prioritize customer service, and identify opportunities for scaling your business.

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Welcome to our cutting-edge Drone Consultancy program - your gateway to unlock new revenue streams and make a significant impact in the thriving drone industry. This program is a tailor-made solution designed to transform your drone knowledge and experience into digital consultancies, courses, and valuable assets. The best part? Set it up once and let it generate income for you - a lifelong return on your expertise.

Imagine going from a drone enthusiast to a sought-after drone entrepreneur in just 30 days. With our program, this vision becomes your reality.

The drone industry is dynamic, but we've identified a key gap: the journey from acquiring drone operational skills to leveraging this knowledge into a successful business. The challenge isn't just about mastering drone operations; it's about turning your unique knowledge and skills into a captivating personal brand, and commanding attention in a highly competitive market.

This is where our Drone Consultancy Program comes in. Far from a simple template, our program offers personalised guidance and dedicated support, designed to transform drone enthusiasts into successful entrepreneurs in just a month.

Meet Eno Umoh, an FAA-licensed drone pilot and co-founder of Global Air U. Eno's journey started with a leap of faith into the drone industry eight years ago, and now he's here to help guide your path in the industry. Under his direction, Global Air U has trained over 18,000 individuals in 24 countries, earned several entrepreneurship awards, and helped hundreds of drone businesses launch and succeed across various sectors.

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This course is the perfect platform if you're passionate about drones, aspire to be an entrepreneur, and wish to create value in the world. When you invest in this course, you're investing in a future of financial freedom and personal fulfillment. Let us guide you on this exciting journey. Register today to secure your spot. Start your transformation now.