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[The Drone Consultants Digest] eVTOL Exec Could Be Next FAA Administrator; Pilot Arrested for Stadium Incident; $800K Grant Awarded to LA Schools; DRONEII’s New Industry Report

Oct 20, 2023

Read time: 6 Minutes


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In this issue of The Drone Consultant’s Digest, we will cover:

  • GOVERNMENT SECTOR: eVTOL Executive Nominated as FAA Administrator: A Potential Boost for Drone Industry Regulation 

  • PRIVATE/ENTERPRISE SECTOR:  Upward Trajectory in Commercial Drone Market: A Glimpse by Drone Industry Insights

  • NON-PROFIT SECTOR: Stratospheric 5G Test in Rwanda Opens Doors for Enhanced Connectivity in Rural Communities

  • EDUCATIONAL SECTOR: $800,000 Federal Grant Fuels Drone Education in Louisiana

  • INDEPENDENT/HOBBY SECTOR: Rising Drone Incidents at Sports Stadiums Highlight Security Concerns

  • Global Tenders from Kenya, DRC, and India

  • Q4 Global Drone Events

  • Free Trainings and Webinars from WeRobotics and Global Air U 

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ChatGPT Prompt of the Week: Crafting a Sales Funnel Optimization Strategy for Boosting Drone Sales

Prompt: "As a seasoned sales strategist with a strong background in digital marketing, devise a comprehensive sales funnel optimization strategy to increase conversions and boost sales for my drone [product/service]. Include innovative tactics for lead generation, nurturing, and conversion using [specific platform or technology] for content distribution, customer engagement, and analytics tracking.


Now, let’s dive in for this week.

eVTOL Executive Nominated as FAA Administrator: A Potential Boost for Drone Industry Regulation 

The nomination of Mike Whitaker, a former FAA Deputy and current COO of Hyundai's air mobility arm, Supernal, as the next FAA Administrator is in progress, garnering support from various drone industry groups. If confirmed, Whitaker, with his advanced aviation background, could expedite the integration of drones into national airspace, addressing overdue regulatory matters like beyond visual line of sight operations. This development could be pivotal for the drone industry, potentially accelerating the adoption of commercial drones and enhancing the U.S.'s stance in global advanced aviation. His previous role in the eVTOL sector might bring a fresh, industry-friendly perspective to the FAA, fostering growth and innovation. Read More



Upward Trajectory in Commercial Drone Market: A Glimpse by Drone Industry Insights

According to Drone Industry Insights, the commercial drone market is set to soar, anticipating a value of $54.6 billion by 2030, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.7%. CAGR represents the mean annual growth rate of an investment over a specified time period longer than one year. In 2023, services dominate the market with 80% of activity, but hardware is fast on its heels with a notable 9.3% CAGR. The cargo sector is blossoming due to drone deliveries. With Asia leading and Middle East & Africa regions growing rapidly, the commercial drone market is offering myriad opportunities for private enterprises. Read More



Stratospheric 5G Test in Rwanda Opens Doors for Enhanced Connectivity in Rural Communities

The Government of Rwanda and SoftBank Corp achieved a milestone by successfully testing 5G connectivity from the stratosphere, utilizing a solar-powered High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) unmanned aerial vehicle. This collaborative endeavor aims to study and implement HAPS for mobile internet connectivity in Rwanda and potentially across Africa. One significant impact lies in the digitalization of schools and communities in rural areas lacking internet access, indicating a substantial stride towards narrowing the digital divide. This partnership, showcasing the ability to leverage innovative technology for educational and societal advancements, can significantly benefit non-profit sectors working towards digital inclusivity and education in remote regions. Read More



$800,000 Federal Grant Fuels Drone Education in Louisiana

The LSU AgCenter and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have clinched a near $800,000 grant to pilot drone education for Louisiana high school students, targeting FAA Part 107 certification for commercial drone operation, with an emphasis on agricultural applications. This initiative, mirroring recent substantial investments in youth drone education in Ohio and Baltimore, could serve as a blueprint for similar programs globally. By blending classroom learning with hands-on field experience, students are not only prepped for drone piloting and programming but are also introduced to real-world agricultural drone applications. As drone technology ascends, such educational programs are pivotal in preparing the youth for a tech-augmented future in agriculture and beyond. Read More



Rising Drone Incidents at Sports Stadiums Highlight Security Concerns

On October 7, during the Ohio State-Maryland football game, a drone disruption occurred, spotlighting growing security concerns at crowded venues. A 28-year-old man flew a drone over Ohio Stadium, momentarily halting the game as per NCAA rules. Authorities traced the drone back to a nearby retail center. The operator, lacking proper training or licensing, lost control of the drone for three minutes over the stadium, violating FAA's temporary flight restriction in place during such events. This incident has NFL executives and Congress members pushing for enhanced drone regulations, such as mandatory TRUST certificates for operators and FAA safety pamphlets included with drone purchases, aiming to better educate drone users and prevent such disruptions. Read More


  • Country: Kenya | Funder: World Bank | Scope:  Supply and Delivery of Drone with Lidar Technology quantity 5 with training of staff on the usage. | Bid Due Date/Time: Oct 31, 2023 11:00 Find Out More

  • Country: The Democratic Republic of Congo | Funder: FAO | Scope: Acquisition of a drone for monitoring the restoration of forests and landscapes to be delivered to Bukavu | Bid Due Date/Time: Oct 30, 2023 12:00 GMT 1.00 Find Out More

  • Country: India | Funder: India Government | Scope: Drone Battery Management Training Systems | Bid Due Date/Time: Nov 1, 2023 Find Out More



United States:

  • NEW ORLEANS: PX4 Developer Summit 2023 | 21-22, 2023 October  Find Out More

  • ARLINGTON, VA: Counter UAS Technology USA Conference | December 5-6, 2023 Find Out More


  • SOUTH AFRICA: Drones in Disaster Risk Management Conference | 1-2 November 2023 | Century City Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa | Theme: Incorporating Drones and Robotics into Disaster Management and Humanitarian Aid (DRDH) Find Out More

  • GERMANY: EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2023 | 26-27 October 2023 | Cologne, Germany | #EDF23 | FROM VISION TO BUSINESS Bringing the European drone market to life Find Out More

  • EGYPT:  Egypt Defence Expo (EDEX) | 4-7 December 2023 Egypt International Exhibition Centre (EIEC) | Cairo, Egypt Find Out More




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