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[The Drone Consultants Digest] The Top DSPs Global Rankings, Drone Soccer Showdown in Nigeria, Senate confirms new FAA Administrator, + Drone Tenders from DRC, Chile and India

business proposal business strategy drone business drone consultancy drone industry drones global air university Oct 28, 2023
October 2023 Drone Industry Digest Cover Image


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Welcome back!

In this issue of The Drone Consultant’s Digest, we will cover:

  • GOVERNMENT: Senate Unanimously Confirms Michael Whitaker as FAA Administrator, Eyes on Drone Regulation Advancements

  • PRIVATE/ENTERPRISE:  The Top Drone Service Providers (DPSs) in the World (2023), Ranked by Drone Industry Insights

  • NON-PROFIT: Advancing Search and Rescue with Drone Aid in Santa Barbara

  • EDUCATIONAL: Drone Soccer Showdown: The 2nd African Drone Soccer Competition happening in Nigeria this December

  • INDEPENDENT/HOBBY: Illuminating Climate Narratives through Drone Artistry

  • Global Tenders from the DRC, Chile, Kenya, and India

  • Q4 Global Drone Events

  • Free Trainings and Webinars

  • Plus, my ChatGPT prompt of the week!


ChatGPT Prompt of the Week: Designing a Captivating Pitch Deck/Company Profile for Client Meetings in the Drone Industry

Prompt: "As an experienced marketing and branding expert, craft a compelling pitch deck or company profile for a drone [product/service] company gearing up for client meetings. The deck should vividly demonstrate the company’s unique value proposition, technological edge, and potential ROI for clients. Include strategies for effectively communicating the company’s mission, vision, and product/service offerings, utilizing [specific platform or technology] for showcasing testimonials, case studies, and interactive drone demonstrations. Also, elucidate on how to articulate the safety, efficiency, and innovative advantages of employing our drone [product/service] in prospective clients’ operations."


Now, let’s dive in for this week.

Senate Unanimously Confirms Michael Whitaker as FAA Administrator, Eyes on Drone Regulation Advancements

Michael Whitaker has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the new Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in a unanimous 98-0 vote. The confirmation fills an 18-month leadership vacancy in the FAA. With over three decades in the aviation sector, Whitaker's expertise is expected to address challenges like near misses at airports, staffing shortages, and technology modernization amidst the rise of drones and eVTOL aircraft. His nomination received wide support from the aviation community, highlighting the industry's optimism towards advancing regulatory frameworks under his leadership. Congratulations to Mr. Whitaker on his new role! Read More

The Top Drone Service Providers (DPSs) in the World, 2023

Drone Industry Insights has released their 'THE TOP SERVICE COMPANIES List' for 2023, showcasing leaders in remote sensing and delivery. The leading positions are retained by Aerodyne (Malaysia), TerraDrone (Japan), and Cyberhawk (UK) in remote sensing, while Zipline (USA), Wing (USA), and Matternet (USA) dominate in delivery. The rankings are derived from factors like company size, growth, public interest, and financials. Notable shifts include Garuda Aerospace (India) ascending 24 places. The report debunks myths concerning revenue and sector consolidation, emphasizing the niche value of specialized services and indicating a robust, competitive market helmed by these adept entities. Read More

Advancing Search and Rescue with Drone Aid in Santa Barbara

ONE805, a non-profit supporting first responders in Santa Barbara County, has secured a $75,000 grant from the Jean Perkins Foundation to acquire six advanced drones. Three of these drones are equipped with spotlights, loudspeakers, and thermal cameras for nighttime and backcountry search and rescue. The other three drones are waterproof and capable of operating in adverse weather conditions, even landing on water for underwater victim searches and life vest deliveries. This partnership highlights the promising intersection of drone technology and non-profits, bolstering search and rescue capabilities. Read More

Drone Soccer Showdown: Merging Sports, Tech, and Youth Engagement in Nigeria

The Global Air Drone Academy (GADA) plans to host the grand finale of the 2023 African Drone Soccer Competition at the AOT Lagos 5.0 conference, showcasing a blend of sports and technology to promote STEM education among South-West Nigerian youth. Supported by the US Consulate, this initiative aims to not only provide an entertaining spectacle but also inspire and engage young minds in science and technology through drone soccer. The partnership with AOT aims to broaden the reach of this innovative sport, emphasizing teamwork, strategic thinking, and hands-on technological learning in an exciting setting, while honoring the US Consulate's contribution towards empowering the youth. 

See video from the 2022 Competition Here

Read More About the Competition


Illuminating Climate Narratives through Drone Artistry

During Climate Week in New York,    An education drone light show hosted  by Nova Sky Stories directed by Louis Psihoyos illuminated the night sky, raising awareness of climate change and sustainable energy. The show featured images related to sustainable development goals, wildlife, and clean energy, aiming to inspire and educate while world leaders gathered for the UN General Assembly. The themes included United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, breaking up with fossil fuels, promoting clean energy, transitioning to a plant-based diet, and protecting the Amazon Rainforest.

More, including an interview from Clean Technica and one of the Shows Producers Krista Kleiner can be found here: [Article] [Video]

  • Country: The Democratic Republic of Congo | Funder: FAO | Scope: Acquisition of a drone for monitoring the restoration of forests and landscapes to be delivered to Bukavu | Bid Due Date/Time: Oct 30, 2023 12:00 GMT 1.00 Find Out More
  • Country: Kenya | Funder: World Bank | Scope:  Supply and Delivery of Drone with Lidar Technology quantity 5 with training of staff on the usage. | Bid Due Date/Time: Oct 31, 2023 11:00 Find Out More

  • Country: India | Funder: Indian Government | Scope: Drone Battery Management Training Systems | Bid Due Date/Time: Nov 1, 2023 Find Out More

  • Country: Chile | Funder: FAO | Scope: Acquisition of drones for forest use | Bid Due Date/Time: Nov 6, 2023 Find Out More

United States:

  • ARLINGTON, VA: Counter UAS Technology USA Conference | December 5-6, 2023 Find Out More


  • GERMANY: EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM 2023 | 26-27 October 2023 | Cologne, Germany | #EDF23 | FROM VISION TO BUSINESS Bringing the European drone market to life Find Out More

  • SOUTH AFRICA: Drones in Disaster Risk Management Conference | 1-2 November 2023 | Century City Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa | Theme: Incorporating Drones and Robotics into Disaster Management and Humanitarian Aid (DRDH) Find Out More

  • UNITED KINGDOM: Airport Drone Protection | 6-9 November 2023 | Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London Belvedere Road SE1 7GP | London, UK Find Out More

  • EGYPT:  Egypt Defence Expo (EDEX) | 4-7 December 2023 Egypt International Exhibition Centre (EIEC) | Cairo, Egypt Find Out More


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