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How to Automate Your Drone Business in 2024 (And Add Hours to Your Day)

Feb 16, 2024

In the early days of our drone business, the manual grind was real.

A typical day involved us driving to one or two sites somewhere in the DMV, spending half the day in the field, then typically hitting some form of traffic on the way back to the office. Only to come back to a mountain of emails, invoices, proposals, follow ups, and let's not forget, the photo and video editing or report writing for the client.

Combined with life and family obligations, there was literally no time left for anything else. No marketing, no social media, no lead gen. We found ourselves in a constant struggle, trying to balance the availability of money with our time, a balance that became unsustainable.

Tedious, manual tasks can be the downfall of any business, and they highlight what continues to be a key challenge for many drone business owners today: time management.

The reality is, we're all busy, and things won't be getting 'less busy' anytime soon.

So, if you're looking for ways to automate your drone business to not only save time but also ensure your operations run like a machine, here are the 7 key steps to effectively automate and get your time back:


Marketing and Lead Gen Scheduling

Every day from 8 am to 10 am, I dedicate time for marketing and lead gen, including reviewing current leads, posting/commenting on LinkedIn, sending emails, and doing DM outreach. By systematically scheduling your marketing and outreach efforts, you ensure consistent actions are taken towards growth.


Streamlined Lead Capture
When people view your content, the natural next step is to go to your LinkedIn page. It’s crucial to seamlessly direct them to your website and immediately capture their interest. Here, you can offer a compelling lead magnet, like an ebook, in exchange for their email. To streamline this process, connect the lead capture form directly to a Google Sheets file to automate data collection and organization.


Auto Nurturing
Once your leads are captured, set up an automated email sequence. Begin with a warm 'welcome' email, followed by 3-5 additional emails designed to address their pain points and guide them down the sales funnel, adding value and building trust at each step.


Using An Auto Note-Taker for Meetings
Use an AI note-taking tool for your sales meetings. This technology captures discussions verbatim, giving you an automated recap of key takeaways, next steps, and specific pain points and interests expressed by your potential clients. An absolute game-changer.


Generate Content with ChatGPT

Copy and paste the AI-generated notes from your meeting into ChatGPT to help you come up with a detailed proposal addressing your potential clients' pain points.

You can use these same notes as material for content creation. Ask ChatGPT to give you content topics that focuses the pain points they expressed during the meeting. This is the type of content that resonates deep with your audience.


Streamline Project Management
Incorporate project management tools to automate task assignment, follow-ups, and progress tracking. Platforms like Asana or Trello can significantly reduce the need for manual oversight, keeping projects on track effortlessly.


Financial and Inventory Automation

Use software to automate your invoicing, payments, and even inventory management. Tools like DroneAdair or similar platforms tailored for drone operations can handle financial transactions, while inventory management systems ensure you're always stocked and prepared for business without manual counts.

In 2024, automation is a necessity for drone entrepreneurs looking to scale their operations without getting bogged down by the day-to-day.

By embracing these strategies, you can dramatically increase efficiency, improve customer experience, and free up precious hours in your day.

If you're looking to  automate systems in your drone business this year, reply to this email with the word "LEADS," and I'll send you more information about our program and how we can help you streamline your operations for success in 2024 and beyond.





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