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How to Create a LinkedIn Banner That Generates Leads

Jan 12, 2024

How to Create a LinkedIn Banner That Generates Leads

Your LinkedIn banner serves as a digital billboard, crucial for establishing brand identity, showcasing professionalism, and differentiating your services. Here’s a step-by-step guide to create a banner that will tell potential clients your story, convey your value, and encourage engagement.


  1. Define Your Value Proposition:

Start by identifying the unique value you offer. You can structure your template like this:

"[Actioning Verb] the [Target Industry] with [Your Innovative Solution]."

3 Examples:

↳ "Advancing the Energy Sector with Eco-Friendly Inspection Drones."

↳ "Upgrading Agricultural Efficiency with Precision Drone Mapping."

↳ "Revolutionizing the Construction Industry with Next-Gen Drone Technology."


  1. Selecting a Template in Canva:

↳ Go to Canva and search for 'LinkedIn banners'. I suggest a clean, minimalist design that can highlight your value proposition.


  1. Choose Your Color Scheme:

↳ Select up to three colors max that represent your brand effectively. For a professional look, consider a primary color for the background, a secondary color for accents or text, and a third for calls to action.


  1. Incorporate High-Quality Images:

↳ Add a high-resolution image that represents your service. This could be a professional headshot, an image of the drone you use, or a relevant background that aligns with your business.


  1. Add Your Unique Value Proposition:

↳ Place your value proposition prominently on the banner. Make it concise and compelling so that it's the first thing viewers read.


  1. Include Contact Information:

↳ Ensure your contact information is visible. Include your location, email, website, and any social media handles.


  1. Final Touches:

↳ Review your banner design to ensure readability and visual appeal. Use space effectively, ensuring the design isn't cluttered.


  1. Download and Update LinkedIn Profile:

↳ Once satisfied, download the banner image and update your LinkedIn profile.


By following these steps, you’ll create a LinkedIn banner that not only captures attention but also communicates your unique value and how you can help potential clients, encouraging them to reach out and connect.

If you're looking for branding or graphic design support to enhance your company's image in 2024, comment below 'DRONE', or send me a DM and I'll introduce you to our Done For You Branding Package. Let's get your company looking right for the next year! 


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