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The Drone Consultant's Digest - DroneDeploy's Reality Capture Trends | A Look at 70 FAA Enforcement Actions | Kenya Drone Summit Announcement | OSU's deep research into drone swarms

newsletter Mar 07, 2024

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Before we get into it: 

I'd like to extend a sincere thanks for your continued support of the Drone Consultant's Digest. February saw us taking a brief pause—a necessary step to maintain the quality and depth you've come to expect. The commitment to delivering thoughtfully curated content is a demanding task, and it became evident that expanding our team was essential.

I'm thrilled to welcome new writers to the team aboard, each bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to ensure the timely delivery of our weekly editions. Your patience and readership mean the world to us, and we're eager to hear your thoughts on how we can enhance this newsletter. Now, let's check out what's going on in the world of drone business. 


In this issue of The Drone Consultant’s Digest, we will cover:

  • GOVERNMENT: Insider's Guide to FAA Drone Enforcement: Trends & Best Practices

  • ENTERPRISE: Flying High with Reality Capture: DroneDeploy's Survey Snapshot

  • #DronesForGood: Harnessing Drones for Island Restoration: A Collaborative Approach

  • EDUCATION: Unveiling Autonomy: OSU Study Shows Feasibility of Supervising 100+ UAVs

  • INDEPENDENT: Kenya to host this year’s Elevate Africa Drone Summit in Nairobi

  • Global Tenders from Kenya, South Africa and Guyana

  • 2024 Global Drone Events

  • Free Trainings and Webinars


ChatGPT Prompt of the Week: Figuring Our Your Unique Value Proposition

Prompt: “I need your assistance to create a compelling value proposition for my drone consultancy. Before we start, it's essential that you understand my expertise, passion, and unique skills. So, I'd like you to ask me several questions to gain the right context. Please be exhaustive and consider aspects like my career path in the industry, experiences, specific achievements, unique skills, etc. Once we've established that, I'd like you to provide at least three practical value proposition options that I can select from. The general structure should be 'I help __________ achieve/do __________ through [my method].' Let's start with the questions.”


Now, lets get into this week’s news:



Insider's Guide to FAA Drone Enforcement: Trends & Best Practices

This guide unveils the latest revelations on FAA drone enforcement, featuring insights and analysis from Jonathan Rupprecht (Attorney and Flight Instructor) and Trevor Simoneau. Delve into 70 enforcement actions spanning 2012-2020, revealing fines, certificate revocations, and prevalent regulatory breaches. 

Explore common violations, from unauthorized flights near sensitive zones to reckless operations over crowds. Discover essential lessons for businesses hiring drone pilots and realtors venturing into aerial marketing. Read More



Flying High with Reality Capture: DroneDeploy's Survey Snapshot

DroneDeploy recently conducted a groundbreaking survey on reality capture technology and published a report on the findings. With responses from 1447 professionals across 119 countries, the report unveils key findings crucial for navigating this dynamic field. 

Adoption rates are soaring, especially among enterprise-level businesses, with over 60% already utilizing reality capture technology. Despite concerns over cost, 96% of adopters are seeing impressive ROI, with significant benefits including cost savings, improved project visibility, and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Looking ahead, businesses are bullish on reality capture's future, with 62% planning to increase expenditure. Read More



Harnessing Drones for Island Restoration: A Collaborative Approach

Island Conservation pioneers drone technology to restore ecosystems, combating invasive species and climate change on islands worldwide. Using drones to spread bait, they eliminate invasive animals, fostering native flora and fauna. The initiative enhances island ecosystems by restoring seabird populations, enriching soils with guano, and nourishing coral reefs. 

Drones provide cost-effective solutions, surpassing traditional methods like hand-spreading or helicopters. Island Conservation empowers local communities by training them in drone use, facilitating indigenous conservation efforts. Collaborating with innovative tech companies like Envico Technologies, they're advancing aerial vehicles for larger-scale projects. Read More



Unveiling Autonomy: OSU Study Shows Feasibility of Supervising 100+ UAVs

Groundbreaking research by Oregon State University demonstrates the feasibility of supervising over 100 autonomous ground and aerial robots with just one person, alleviating concerns about workload management. 

This breakthrough holds promise for diverse applications such as firefighting, package delivery, and urban disaster response. Led by Julie A. Adams, the study, part of the OFFSET program, deployed swarms in complex urban environments, contributing valuable insights for military training. 

The innovative system, featuring a user-friendly interface and virtual reality control, showcases the potential for human-swarm collaboration in real-world scenarios, marking a significant advancement in autonomous systems technology. Read More



Kenya to host this year’s Elevate Africa drone Summit

The Elevate Africa Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Summit, set for June 28-29 in Kenya, promises to be a pivotal event in the drone industry. Day one will feature a symposium and B2B networking in Nairobi, while day two offers an Expo with live drone tech demos at Konza Technopolis. 

Attendees can engage in training workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions with industry leaders. Organizers, including Kenya Flying Labs, the African Drone Forum, Pravesh Global, and others, highlight Kenya's leadership in drone innovation. Kenya's comprehensive regulations and role as a test bed for UAS advancements position it as a hub for transformative drone technology in Africa. Read More

  • KENYA | Funder: African Wildlife Foundation  | Title: Provision of Photography, Videography, Licensed Drone Pilots for Aeriel Shots, Editing and Other Related Services | Bid Due Date/Time: 08-Mar-2024  Find Out More

  • SOUTH AFRICA | Funder: KwaZulu-Natal - Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs  | Title: Appointment of a Service Provider to Procure, Supply and Delivery of Drones for the Techno Hubs in Newcastle, Ray Nkonyeni and Umhlatuze Municipalities Respectively. | Bid Due Date/Time: 2024-03-14 15:00  Find Out More

  • KENYA | Funder: Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure  | Title: Supply and Delivery of Drone Images for Selected Informal Settlements in Kenya in Embu, Nyeri, Kirinyaga and Kwale Counties | Bid Due Date/Time: Mar 21, 2024 11:00  Find Out More

  • GUYANA | Funder: FAO united states  | Title: Supply of Low Altitude Unmanned Aerial Devices (Drones) and Related Software and Accessories for Guyana | Bid Due Date/Time: 10-Mar-2024 23:00  Find Out More



United States:

SAN DIEGO: XPONENTIAL | April 23-25 | San Diego Convention Center Find Out More

HOUSTON: 8th Annual Energy Drone & Robotics Summit  | June 10-12, 2024 | The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Find Out More

LAS VEGAS: Commercial UAV Expo | September 3-5, 2024| Las Vegas Find Out More



  • KOREA: Drone Show Korea 2024 | 6-8 March 2024 | Bexco, Busan Find Out More

  • SPAIN: DRONEXPO Madrid | May 8 and 9, 2024 |Madrid| Find Out More 

  • MOROCCO: Africa’s Bold Future Is Here| 29-31 May 2024 | Marrakesh Find Out More

  • BRAZIL: DroneShow Robotics 2024| 21-23 May 2024 | São Paulo  Find Out More

  • JAPAN : Japan Drone 2024 | June 5, 2024 - Friday, June 7, 2024 | Makuhari Messe, Tokyo Find Out More



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