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Every Drone Business Needs an Active Sales Funnel, Here's how to create one

drone business drone business mastermind drone consultancy drone sales funnel Nov 10, 2023

Marketing is tough, especially when you don't have a background in content/sales. If you're like me you come from more of a technical background, not a sales-oriented one. Yet, being a 'drone entrepreneur' requires a grasp of your entire business, especially marketing and sales. It's not a task you can simply outsource. 

Here's how to create a powerful lead gen funnel in 4 steps:


Share value-based content that captivates and educates your audience.
↳ Example: "Revolutionizing Offshore Rig Inspections With Autonomous Drones"

Personalize your outreach to warm contacts.
↳ "Hey, we just added a new service to our offerings, I'd love to do a demo and show you the capabilities."

Initiate conversations with cold leads.
↳ 'Congrats on the new mega-construction contract! I have an ebook that explains how drones can be used for aerial survey and site mapping. Mind if I send it over to you?'

Start targeted, paid ads to amplify your reach.
↳ Invest in ads only after you have a proven organic strategy.
Remember, people do business with people they know.

Offer value up front to build trust with potential clients:
↳ Example: "[ebook] A Guide to Safe and Compliant Drone Operations for your Construction firm"

Demonstrate your expertise through a robust portfolio.
↳ Showcase at least 2-3 case studies with glowing testimonials from past clients.
Engage leads in the DMs

Use a conversational script that's personalized and asks about their needs, challenges, and goals. If there's synergy, suggest a call.

Prepare meticulously for meetings.
↳ Customize your pitch deck, research your client thoroughly, ask about their issues, and propose solutions.

Craft an irresistible offer.
↳ Your offer should spell out the dream outcome, underscore your expertise, and clarify the time and effort they'll save.

The key to creating a solid lead gen strategy is by creating a funnel that's both streamlined and efficient. 

Most drone businesses overlook their top and middle funnel — don't be one of them. 

If you're looking to implement a solid funnel into your drone business, send me a DM, and I'll send you more details on how I can help. 


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