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How 'Framework Thinking' Will Transform Your Drone Consultancy

drone business drone consultancy gau global air university Sep 06, 2023

How to Think Fast Before You Speak: Some people always seem to have the right words, never appearing flustered. This ability might seem innate, but it's a skill that anyone can develop. The key is using frameworks to steer conversations and organize thoughts.

What is Framework Thinking?: Framework thinking is a systematic approach that structures complex issues into manageable parts. Imagine a basic roadmap for your thoughts; it's a way to navigate problems methodically and foster clarity when communicating with clients.

Applying Framework Thinking to Drone Consultancy: In the world of drone consultancy, framework thinking is essential. By analyzing problems through specific lenses, you can make sound decisions and articulate valuable insight to clients. It's a vital tool for everything from optimizing performance to managing risks.

A 3-Part Series: Over the next three days, we'll explore key techniques to elevate your drone consultancy:
Part 1: How to Steer/Control the Conversation with Framework Thinking
Part 2: How to Choose Frameworks that Match Your Objectives
Part 3: How to Break Down Complex Problems with Simple Ideas

Today: Steer, Don't Follow: underscores 'guiding' rather than 'reacting'. Using structured thinking to align with client needs.

Scenario 1: A construction client is looking for how to best implement drone technology

Without Framework Thinking: You might provide a generic list of drone applications without considering the client's broader goals.

With Framework Thinking: People, Planet, Profit.
Aligning your solutions with the 'Triple Bottom Line' framework offers a strategic and comprehensive approach, meeting the client's social, environmental, and financial objectives.

Scenario 2: A government agency is looking into the feasibility of a medical drone delivery program

Without Framework Thinking: The consultant might provide a generalized view of medical drone delivery, touching on potential benefits but failing to address the unique constraints, opportunities, and risks.

With Framework Thinking (A Feasibility Study Framework): Technical Feasibility, Regulatory Compliance, Operational Feasibility, Risk Management, Financial Feasibility. By tailoring the approach, the gov't agency gains clarity and confidence in moving forward.

Remember: Steer, Don't Follow! Framework thinking is not just a buzzword. It's an invaluable skill that can elevate your drone consultancy. By steering conversations, leveraging your expertise, and presenting a systematic solution, you can resonate with your clients and showcase your value.

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