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Why Every Drone Business Needs a Lead Magnet in 2024 (And How to Create One in 4 Simple Steps)

drone business drone business mastermind drone consultancy drone lead magnet lead magnet Nov 29, 2023

Last year around this time, I asked myself a simple question - where is my drone business now, and what do I need to do to make sure that at the same time next year, I'm in a different place?

The answer was simple, I needed to be more intentional with my sales funnel and content strategy. To promote any business online, you need a lead magnet. And it's been a huge reason I've been able to grow my leads and revenue over the last year.

What is a Lead Magnet?
·It's a free, value-packed digital offering like eBooks, whitepapers, or guides.
·Its primary aim is to gather contact information.
·In exchange, users receive valuable resources, positioning your brand as an industry thought leader.

What it's not:
❌ It's not your company portfolio or profile.
❌ It doesn't focus on your company's features.
❌ It's not about your company's milestones; it's about providing educational or problem-solving content.

Why Lead Magnets are Crucial
✅ They're powerful tools for lead generation, drawing in potential customers.
✅ They help in building trust and establishing your authority in the industry.
✅ They often serve as the first step in the customer's journey with your brand.

Creating Your Lead Magnet in 4 Steps:
1. Ideation: Research and identify your audience’s pain points. Choose topics that resonate and showcase your expertise. Develop compelling titles that grab attention. Here are 5 Examples:
↳ Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: Advanced Drone Solutions for Sustainable Power
↳ Precision Agriculture Unleashed: Next-Gen Drone Tech in Smart Farming
↳ Elevating Environmental Monitoring: Drones as Catalysts for Ecological Conservation
↳ Transformative Surveillance: Drone Innovations in Security and Public Safety
↳ Drones in Disaster Response: Pioneering Aerial Strategies for Crisis Management

2. Content Creation: Start with a solid outline. Utilize ChatGPT for crafting engaging and actionable content. Incorporate real-life examples or case studies.

3. Designing Your eBook: Focus on creating a visually appealing and readable eBook. Stick to a simple color palette and integrate your branding. Integrate photos and infographics for engagement.

4. Placement and Promotion: Feature it prominently on your LinkedIn profile for greater visibility. Also, make it an easy download on your website.

When you lead with value, you build relationships grounded in trust and informed by expertise. Check out the Canva sample I made below — it's a practical example of something any 👨🏾‍🌾 farmer would be anxious to download.

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