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Unlocking Your Business's True Potential: Why Growing Yourself Comes Before Growing Your Business

business strategy drone business drone business toolkit drone entrepreneurship gau global air university Oct 31, 2023
When it comes to entrepreneurship, personal growth often takes a backseat to the bottom line. But without a deliberate focus on self-improvement, entrepreneurs risk stunting the growth of their business. I've found that focusing on personal growth and embracing a commitment to lifelong learning are the foundations of entrepreneurial success. To me, it's hard to say that you're staying on top of your business when your cell phone upgrades more than you do. With that said, here are some tips that have helped me keep progressing in my journey as a Drone Business Owner.🌱📚 

🎯 **Setting Well-Defined Goals**: I've learned to establish clear personal objectives, understand my strengths and weaknesses, and create a roadmap for success in my personal life, that aligns with my business development. Shout out to @iwbmore and their business accelerator for helping me with my own vision.

 📚 **Prioritizing Continuous Learning**: I've realized the significance of podcasts, books, and seminars in staying informed and continuously enhancing my skills. 

 🎓 **Leveraging Online Courses**: Online courses are invaluable for improving specific skills and knowledge related to the drone business. They helped me get my FAA Drone Pilot's license, so I wouldn't be here without them.

 🤝 **Seek Mentorship**: Those of you who have read my previous posts know that I am big on this one. Connecting with successful leaders in the drone industry has provided me with essential guidance, insights, and a faster track to career growth. Most importantly they have helped me avoid making big mistakes.

 💪 **Embracing The Challenges and Opportunities**: You have to learn to love the challenges you face in building your business and look at them as opportunities to learn.

 - I've also learned to be open to change and to seize new opportunities as they arise as they provide new challenges as well(and sometimes money!)

These strategies have played a crucial role in my entrepreneurial journey, allowing me to grow myself first, and then my business has followed. After all, this journey started with me educating myself on drones while reading a popular science magazine. If I leave you with anything, just remember that when you are the driving force of your business, you have to devote a lot of time to personal growth, that is the biggest investment, with the greatest payoff.
🚁💼 🌄 

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about the drone industry or how you can grow your own drone business, shoot me a DM I would love to connect with you.


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