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Why Your 'Plan' Isn't a 'Strategy': How To Scale Your Drone Business with Precision

Nov 02, 2023

In the drone industry, like many others, there's a frequent misunderstanding about the terms 'strategy' and 'plan'. As I consult drone businesses daily, I notice the term "strategy" being thrown around for everything from a single tactical decision to overarching objectives.

Let's break it down.

A strategy is about defining your drone business's position and what makes it distinctive in an increasingly crowded market. It's the blueprint that earmarks your business:

✅ Market: Who's your ideal customer? Are you targeting surveillance, agriculture, or the delivery sector?

✅ Magic: What distinguishes your drone offerings? Any unique features or innovations?

✅ Means: What are the core resources and capabilities propelling your drone operations?

✅ Money: How do you plan to generate revenue? Through bespoke solutions, maintenance, or training perhaps?

✅ Momentum: How will you adapt and leverage external dynamics, be it regulatory shifts or tech evolutions?

✅ Meaning: Beyond the bottom line, what greater goal or vision fuels your drone business?

On the other hand, planning is about detailing the steps required to implement your strategy. It's the tactical itinerary. For drone businesses, think:

· Transition strategies: How would you pivot from surveillance drones to agricultural ones?

· Product/service launches: When do you aim to introduce something new?

· Collaboration: Which partners or stakeholders should you engage, and when?

In simple terms:

→ Strategy is your WHY and WHAT. Planning is your HOW.

In the drone industry, especially when moving away from saturated markets like real estate, it's crucial to understand the difference. Without a clear strategy, you might find yourself constantly pivoting, chasing trends, or getting lost amidst fierce competition. A plan without strategy might keep you busy, but you won't be nearly as successful.

Reflect on this: Is your drone enterprise anchored in strategic thinking? Or are you mixing strategy with planning?

Remember: A well-defined strategy will be your north star in the evolving drone ecosystem. And planning? That's your vehicle to get there. So, set your sights high and chart your course with purpose.

Special shoutout to Jeroen Kraaijenbrink for the inspiring insight on strategy vs. planning. #drones #dronebusiness #DroneBusinessMasterminds #droneconsultant #dronesforgood


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