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Shifting Priorities In The Drone Industry

drone business drone business mastermind drone insights global air university Nov 02, 2023

The drone industry has seen a remarkable transformation over the past half-decade. Gone are the days when just having cutting-edge hardware or software was the ticket to success. Now, it's not just about what you've created, but how you market and sell it.

A recent article by Drone Industry Insights showcased this significant shift:

📈 Since 2018, the importance of marketing has tripled, taking center stage.

🛠 Emphasis on product development has seen a decline, with hardware development dropping from 26% to 13% and software development from 32% to 17%.

💼 In contrast, companies are now prioritizing staff development. As the industry matures, a skilled workforce becomes a prized asset.

So, what does this mean for drone companies, both emerging and established?

1. Refine Your USP: With an array of sophisticated hardware and software in the market, your Unique Selling Point is what will differentiate you. Can you articulate what makes your offering unique in one sentence?

2. Invest in Your People: The demand for qualified professionals in the drone industry is soaring. Continuous training, skill development, and staff nurturing are not just beneficial—they're essential.

3. Balance Creation with Promotion: While innovation should never take a backseat, the importance of effective marketing and sales strategies is undeniable. It's time to ensure that your fantastic products and services are reaching the right audience.

4. Financial Stability Remains Key: The landscape might be evolving, but the need for a sound financial strategy remains unwavering.

To any drone companies or professionals feeling the pressure of these shifts, remember: change is an opportunity. The industry is growing, adapting, and providing avenues for those ready to evolve with it.

Considering the surge in marketing's significance, our drone business coaching program is tailored to assist companies in navigating these changes, from refining their marketing strategies to ensuring their teams are equipped with the right skills.

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